Surf Coast Toy Library Committee

The Surf Coast Toy Library is managed by a volunteer member committee. The committee manages the Toy Library’s strategy and operations, financial management, fundraising and grants income, marketing, communications and events. The Surf Coast Toy Library is run entirely on volunteer power and without members willing to put in the time and effort we would not be able to run this awesome service. The Surf Coast Toy Library is always looking for new committee members, at any time of the year. 

Why should I join the Committee?

What are the benefits of being on the committee?

  • Free yearly membership

  • Unlimited amount of toys you can borrow

  • Networking and meeting other parents on the Surf Coast

  • Being a part of the toy purchasing process 

  • Testing out new toys before anyone else 

  • Gain experience on a local voluntary community board.


Being a committee member involves:

  • Completing a minimum of 1 duty per school term (or less if we have lots of committee members!)

  • Being given a position of responsibility based on your interests and/or skill set 

  • Having your say on how we can improve and run the Toy Library

  • Holding a current Volunteer Working with Children's Check (Volunteer WWC are free)

  • Attending Special General Meetings and an Annual General Meeting.


How can I join the Committee?

Woohoo! We'd love you to!! You can email us at, message us on our Facebook or Instagram or let a Committee member know at the next Toy Library Session you attend. 

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Surf Coast Toy Library

27 Grossmans Road, Torquay, Victoria 3228

Open every Saturday from 9:00am-11am (by appointment)

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